Township of Hazlet

The Hazlet Business Owners Association was founded on the need and basis for local businesses to gather and discuss matters and to try and come up with resolutions to assist in the growth of the local Hazlet Business Arena. Along with other local businesses the HBOA can and will be a productive asset to any Hazlet business owner.

The objective of the Association shall be to further the principles of fair business practices, to aide in the establishment of clear communications with Township government, to foster good relations with the local Police, Fire and First Aid departments and to assist local business in being treated as a "valued" asset of the community.

The Hazlet Business Owners Association is open to all business owners and their representatives. Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month on the 2nd. Floor Conference Room of Scudiery Enterprises, located at the Airport Plaza Shopping Center, 1390 State Route 36, Suite 105 (upstairs from Interstate Electronics). The meetings foster a relationship between businesses in the community and provides an outlet to discuss common concerns. Guest speakers and Board of Trustee members address the membership at each meeting advising of any information which may impact the business community.