Code Enforcement Office
Township of Hazlet

Code Enforcement Office

1766 Union Avenue
Hazlet, NJ 07730


Phone: 732-264-1700

Fax: 732-264-0659


Department Head: Sharon A. Keegan



Sharon A. Keegan

Frank Finnerty


Code Enforcement Officer

Assistant Code Enforcement & Housing Inspector





Monday through Thursday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Our goal is to attain compliance with Township ordinances regarding Property Maintenance, enforcement and abatement to improve the Quality of Life for the entire Township.

Potential violations are discovered through inspector’s observations, residential complaints and referrals from other agencies. Once a violation is confirmed to exist a notice of violation will be sent to the property owner given a time frame to abate said violation.

Common Code Violations:

  • Overgrown grass, weeds over 12 inches
  • Trash, debris and rubbish on property
  • Inoperable or unregistered vehicles
  • Signs on public property in Right-of-ways
  • Deterioration and condition of structures
  • SIdewalks not being maintained, snow and ice
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