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Municipal Clerk
1766 Union Avenue
Hazlet, NJ 07730

Phone:  732-264-1700
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Municipal Clerk - Evelyn A. Grandi, RMC Extension 8686


Monday through Thursday 8am - 5pm
The office is closed on Friday

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The Township Clerk has responsibilities required by NJ State Statutes which include acting as the Secretary to the Governing Body, Election Official, Issuing Licenses and Permits and Custodian of Records.

1.        Secretary to the Governing Body:

Maintains Records of the Official Minutes of the Governing Body, Meeting Agendas, Resolutions, Ordinances, Public Notices, Boards and Committees, Township Administrative Code (online).

2.         Election Official:

Maintains copies nominating petitions and certification to the county clerk of local candidates nominated by petition.

Provides applications for voter registration, civilian and military absentee ballots and change of party declarations.

Maintains copies of election results.

3.        Types of Licenses Issued:

Alcoholic Beverage, Social Affairs, Taxi Cab Drivers, Taxi Cab Owners, Non Food Vending Machines, Bingo and Raffle, Certificate of Liability, Business, Parking Lot, Soil Removal Permits.

4.        Records


OPRA Requests

Storage and Disposal of Records

Licensing Services

Various license applications are available in the Forms section of the website for residents to print from their computer. These applications may be filled out and brought in or mailed to the Clerk’s Office. Descriptions of licenses issued by this office are below.    

Alcoholic Beverage

The Township Committee acts as the Local Issuing Authority for Retail Liquor Licenses within the Township. The Township Clerk maintains these records on file and processes applications for transfers and amendments.

Social Affairs Permits

Applicant must be a qualified non-profit organization who wishes to serve alcoholic beverages to those attending an affair at which there is a charge in connection with the affair. 

Taxi Cab Drivers

Taxi Cab Drivers who wish to conduct business within the Township must obtain a license from the Township Clerk. Please review the application for more details.

Taxi Cab Owners

Taxi Cab Owners who wish to conduct business within the Township must obtain a license from the Township Clerk. Please review the application for more details.

Non Food Vending Machines

Any non food vending machine in the Township requires a vendor’s license.

Bingo and Raffle

Please be advised that all Bingo/Raffle application submissions will require a mandatory fingerprinting and background check for all members of the Applicant who will be in charge of the games (Part "F" on the Bingo or Raffle Application) before your license will be issued. PURSUANT TO N.J.S.A. 5:8-27

  • Applicants must possess a current NJ Legalized Games of Chance and Control Commission Identification Number prior to submitting an application to the Township Clerk.
  • Please complete four (4) Raffle/Bingo applications. Each application must contain at least two (2) original signatures and a raised notary seal.
  • Submit a copy of valid Identification/registration card, (Issued by the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission), along with your applications.
  • Submit and attach four (4) copies of format of raffle (sample) ticket. (Off Premise raffle ONLY)
  • Applications must be completed and submitted to the Township Clerk’s office ten (10) days prior to the next Township Meeting to be approved by the Township Committee in accordance wit N.J.A.C. 13:47-4.1.
  • Upon approval by the Township Committee, the application and applicable fees are forwarded to the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission (LGCCC) for approval.
  • Licenses will be issued approximately 15 business days after the Township Committees approval, unless it has been rejected by the LGCCC, pursuant to N.J.A.C. 13:47-4.3
  • Any questions regarding Raffles, Bingos and/or the Legalized Games of Chance may be directed to the Township Clerk at (732) 264-1700 X8686 or 8688.

Certificate of Liability

Any limousine company that needs to renew their motor vehicle registration needs to obtain a certificate of liability from the Clerks Office before they go to motor vehicles.


Any business located in Hazlet which has a store front is required to have a business license.

Parking Lot

Anyone who rents out parking spaces must have a parking lot license.

Soil Removal Permits

Whenever soil needs to be removed from a construction site, a soil removal permit is required.

Downloadable Forms, Applications & Documents

Bingo License Application


Raffle License Application


Business License Application


Taxi Driver's License Application


Taxi Owners License Application


Coin Operated Machine License Application


Employment Application


Hazlet Township Local Ordinance Instructions


Solicitors Permit Application