Township of Hazlet


The entire section of West Keansburg NORTH OF ROUTE 36 is now being ordered to evacuate no later than 3 PM today, Monday, October 29th due to predicted storm conditions that may overwhelm the Keansburg Flood Wall Berm.

At the recommendation of the Township Engineer, and for the protection of life and public safety, the Hazlet Office of Emergency Management is ordering this mandatory evacuation.

Residents should immediately evacuate to friends or relatives homes outside of town and in safe areas. Those without a place to evacuate should report to the BEERS STREET SCHOOL NO LATER THAN 3:00 PM.

You will be bused from Beers Street School to public evacuation shelters elsewhere in the county. As such, you are strongly urged to relocate to a location other than a shelter. You will be much more comfortable in a private home or hotel than you will in a shelter.

Should you evacuate to a shelter please bring sleeping bags, air mattresses clothing, medication and simple comfort items. If you bring pets, be sure to bring food and all animals must be caged. Questions may be referred to the Office of Emergency Management at 732-217- 8671 OR TO