Township of Hazlet

The State of Emergency still is in effect, power is coming on throughout the township faster and faster.

We ask for your continued patience as we work to remove brush from your curbs, reopen remaining roads and get our town back to normal. Note: Public Works crews are working through the weekend without a break to get this done. One of our dedicated DPW employees even canceled a cruise vacation scheduled for next week just because he felt a commitment to stay and help. That does not include the hundreds of other officials who still have not seen their families or homes much since the storm hit.

The township Emergency Operations Center is going to stand down except when as needed. We will only be posting updates that are critical or that contain information we know you have been waiting for. Until then, thank you for your patience, your cooperation and your unending generosity. The outpouring of support has been overwhelming and the people who need help are getting it.

Together we have proven, once again, that HAZLET IS A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE!!! Have a great night and remember to stay safe.