Township of Hazlet

Need Home Repair Assistance?

Eligible year-round homeowners living in Hazlet may be eligible for home repair assistance from the Monmouth County Housing Improvement Program.  Eligible repairs include plumbing, sanitary plumbing, electrical, structural, roofing, heating/ventilation and remediation of lead-based paint hazards.  Lead-based paint hazards, if present, must be mitigated or eliminated in conjunction with other eligible repairs. This program is funded by the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders through a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


Eligible homeowners may receive up to an average maximum of $20,000 for eligible property improvements in the Monmouth County Housing Improvement Program, in the form of a ten-year interest free, deferred payment loan. The loan will be totally forgiven if the homeowner resides in his/her unit for ten years.


If you are interested, please contact Mayor David Tinker at 732-217-8682 no later than November 20th.  There will be a random drawing for the 40 available spots.  You will be notified if your coupon is one of the 40 selected by the Program.  Households will then be qualified in the order the coupons are selected. 


To qualify, you must be listed on the Deed to the home, no mobile homes, live in the home year-round, and be up-to-date with mortgage payments, water/sewer, and real estate taxes.  Also, your gross income must be within the following limits:


Family Size

Income Limit

Family Size

Income Limit


$ 46,300


$ 71,400


$ 52,900


$ 76,750


$ 59,500


$ 82,000


$ 66,100


$ 87,300


For more information or to apply for the drawing, please contact the office of Mayor David Tinker at 732-217-8682.