Township of Hazlet

Township of Hazlet Recognizes Volunteers for Long History of Service

Two of Hazlet's most active volunteers have been recognized for their long history of service and devotion to the welfare of our community.

Peggy King was named "Monmouth County's Volunteer of the Year" and was honored at the Governor's Summit. Peggy has served as an active member of the Hazlet Municipal Alliance for over 17 years and thrives in the role of public relations/awareness representative for the Alliance. Her commitment to the work of the Alliance, her strong advocacy and her long tenure as an active volunteer have made her the cornerstone of the Hazlet Alliance program. Among Peggy's many contributions is her active recruitment of volunteers to participate in the various programs administered by the Hazlet Alliance. If there is a community need, Peggy promptly springs into action & helps to organize whatever needs to be done. She has recently been named as co-chairperson of the Alliance.

Barbara Hilliard was recognized by both the Monmouth County Freeholders and the Township Committee of Hazlet. Barbara was honored when the Freeholders named a day "Barbara Hilliard Day" throughout Monmouth County in recognition of her service as Chairperson of the Professional Advisory Committee (PAC) of Monmouth County. She has been a member of PAC for more than 10 years and has served as an officer for the past 6 years. The Hazlet Township Committee also honored Barbara by proclaiming a day as "Barbara Hilliard Day" in the Township of Hazlet. She helped start the Alliance in 1990 and served as a volunteer until 1993 when she was hired by the Township as the Alliance Coordinator. She continues to serve as the Alliance Coordinator, County PAC and is an active member of the Monmouth County Suicide Prevention Task Force. Her passion is educating the community, parents and students on making the right choices regarding alcoholism and drug abuse and keeping the community safe.

Congratulations to both Peggy King and Barbara Hilliard for their untiring devotion of service to our community, our county and the Alliance.