Township of Hazlet

Middle Road Closure

Effective on or about 8/11/14 the Middle Road Bridge next to Police Headquarters will be closed for reconstruction.
The current bridge was constructed in 1950 and it is no longer able to handle the traffic that uses Middle Road today.  Several temporary repairs have been made over the last several years. Those repairs are no longer possible and the bridge must be replaced.
During the closure, Middle Road will be restricted to local traffic only between Union Avenue and the bridge location, and also between Poole Avenue and the bridge location.  No traffic will be able to cross the bridge during the construction process.
Traffic that normally uses Middle Road to travel from the Union Avenue area to the Poole Avenue area will be detoured to State Highway 35 or State Highway 36 in order to get around the closure.  Detour signs are already in place.
The Police Department has had meetings with Academy Bus Company and there will be slight alterations to commuter bus routes during the bridge reconstruction. Most of the current commuter bus stops will remain. Academy Bus Company will be advising their customers of any changes in bus stops.
Local traffic on Middle Road will not be restricted. Access to township schools (Middle Road and Cove Road) will not be affected.  Access to the Swim Club and the Soccer Complex will also not be affected.  Access to the Police/Court Building and the Library must be done from the Poole Avenue side of Middle Road.
Construction is scheduled to take 180 days, but is expected to be over by January, if weather conditions permit.
The Police Department will post any updates on their Facebook Page and on the Township Website.