Township of Hazlet

Message to our residents

A message to our residents and business owners:
Mayor Scott Aagre and the Township Committee want to take a moment to personally thank you for your cooperation and your patience as the Department of Public Works (DPW) continues with their snow removal operations after this major snow storm.  
DPW is working diligently to further clear our roads, storm system components, sidewalks and municipal facilities. In addition to our storm response, we have also responded to every formal resident request received and abated all reported hazardous conditions in a timely and appropriate manner. We continue to work on individual resident request and other information received as well.
We thank our residents and business owners for clearing sidewalks, hydrants and their facilities in such a short period of time allowing all to return to normalcy. If you have not begun to dig out your sidewalk we remind you of the Township ordinance requiring this to be done. We also remind you to not place snow into the roadways as this causes additional work, delays our response to other requests and can become hazardous to drivers and pedestrians.
The biggest question we received during this storm is “why don’t you go curb-to-curb?”  Sometimes it is not always possible to do so – especially in a snow storm of this magnitude under blizzard conditions. It is not always easy to identify the exact location of every curb or curb type due to various roadway configurations, snow accumulations and heavy snow drifts. Hitting a buried curb can damage the road, our equipment, your driveways, yard drains, landscaping, mail boxes etc. Plowing that much volume of snow curb-to-curb can potentially place large volumes of collected snow on sidewalks and in driveways to a point where residents would not be able to dig out. This can also affect school openings and relied upon safe school routes. On another note, many areas simply do not have curbs and some locations the curbs are not continuous or uniform. The Township road program is continuously making curb improvements and we need to protect these assets.
Again, we thank you for your patience and information provided.
 Hazlet Township Committee