Township of Hazlet

Lost Sewer Bills – 3rd Quarter


As a result of lost mailings due to inconsistent US Post Office services involving several hundred residents throughout the Township resulting in accrued “interest charges” for unpaid sewer bills; the third-quarter interest fees have been formally waived by the Township Committee. For those who may have paid any interest fees for the 3rd quarter, a credit will be applied to your account. Applying credit is a manual process which will take some time to go through and reconcile 9,000 or so accounts – we ask for your continued patience. If you do not receive future sewer or tax bills, we recommend you first check the township’s website for notices and or call the Sewer and Tax Department for detailed account information. Complaints regarding future mail delivery issues should be forwarded to the Post Master. Note: this is a one-time interest fee waiver due to US Postal failures.