Open Space Advisory Council
Township of Hazlet

Open Space Advisory Council
1766 Union Avenue
Hazlet, NJ 07730


Phone: (732) 217-8657

The Open Space Advisory Council (OSAC) was formed on March 20, 2007 by the Hazlet Township Committee in order to make recommendations to the Township Committee on Open Space acquisitions utilizing the Open Space Trust Fund that was Established on January 1, 2007 as per voter approval of a Referendum passed on the November 7, 2006 Election.


Open Space


The purpose of the Hazlet Township Open Space Advisory Council is to provide guidance and support to the Township Committee and the Land Use Board on issues and matters of acquiring open space for perpetual preservation that are in the best interest of the citizens of the Township of Hazlet. The Council shall create, promote, and disseminate information regarding the preservation of open space within the Township of Hazlet which protects the environment and provides natural habitat for wildlife while offering opportunities for public enjoyment through active and passive recreation.


2014 Open Space Advisory Council Members
Annie Eng, Chairwoman
Joseph Pobega, Vice Chairman
James DiNardo, Joint Township Committee Rep
Joseph Belasco, Joint Township Committee Rep
Joseph Bucci, Environmental Rep
Jeffrey Tyler, Land Use Board Rep
Henry Pekarsky, Recreation Rep
Christopher Cullen
Louis Pisano, Alternate #1
William Kastning, Executive Director
Monmouth Conservation Foundation
(Special Advisor)
Trish Cullen, Administrative Officer


Meeting dates for the 2015 Open Space Advisory Council are as follows:

April 30, May 28, June 25, July 30, August 27, September 24, October 22, November 30, December 28, and January 28, 2016.


The Open Space Advisory Council Meetings take place in the Second Floor Meeting Room of Hazlet Municipal Hall, 1766 Union Avenue, Hazlet, New Jersey at 8:00 p.m.

The Resolutions authorizing the above is available for public inspection at the Office of the Administrative Officer, 1766 Union Avenue, Hazlet, NJ