Township of Hazlet


Registration procedure:  
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and download the Registration Form.
  2. You can either mail the form, drop the form off in the drop box located across  from the Cullen Center.

1766 Union Avenue

Municipal Building, 2nd Floor

Hazlet, NJ 07730


Phone: (732) 217-8648 or (732) 217- 8683


Recreation Director:   Kathy Viscardi

Program Coordinator: Ed Huber                                                              


Office Hours:

Monday – Thursday 8 AM – 2:30 PM                                                                                                                               
Recreation Advisory Council meetings are held the second Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Cullen Center.

The Hazlet Township Recreation Department provides a wide variety of services to the community to enrich the quality of life for all residents. 


Recreation Commission




Hazlet Day Saturday, September 17th, 2016
Hazlet Day will be held on Saturday, September 17th, 2016. (Rain date Sept. 18, 2016). Vendor Applications are now being accepted. Please click here for printable application.

Hazlet Recreation Summer Camp 2016 **2016 Summer Camp Registration is closed. 


Hazlet Recreation Summer Camp Parent Information Letters

Letters have been mailed with your child’s counselor.  If you have not received a letter, detailed information for the camp is below.  You may call the Recreation office Thursday 6/30 - 732-217-8683 between 8:15 am and 2:00 pm to get your child’s group letter.  Additional info will be given on the first day of camp.
Parent Information Letter
Hazlet Recreation Summer Day Camp is a co-ed camp for children in grades K – 7*.  Please use the following links for all forms and detailed information on Registration.
*Child must have completed these grades in June 2016.
Hazlet Summer Day Camp
Registration Form Resident
Registration Form Non-Resident
Summer Day Camp Before/After Care Information
Summer Day Camp Before/After Care Form
Camper Information
Discipline Policy
Emergency Form
Form Reminder
Registration Form CIT New 
Registration Form CIT Returning
Trips and prices
Trip Permission Form
*Please be advised that the Summer Camp trip to Silver Ball Museum is sold out.  A waiting list will be started.  No money will be accepted for this trip unless spots open up.
Summer Sports Camps
All 2016 Sports Camp forms can be viewed or printed out by using the following links.  (PDFs can also be found at the bottom of this page)
Football Camp
Location: Raritan High School
July 11th -14th
Cost $115.00
Please click here for more information.
Field Hockey Camp
Location: Raritan High School
July 18th - 21st
Two Groups - 5th grade entries and High School Teams welcome
(Rain Date July 22nd)
Instructor: Kris Cox
Cost $150.00
Please click here for more information.
Baseball/Softball Camp
Location: Raritan High School
July 18th - 21st
Grades K - 8
Cost $100.00
Please click here for more information.
Tennis Camp
Location: Raritan High School
August 2nd - 5th
Open to 4th graders through 12th graders
Instructor: Mr. Rory Clayton, Mr. Christopher Berg and Staff
Please click here for more information.
Hazlet Recreation Programs


Hazlet Recreation is looking to add programs.  If you have a new idea for a class or program, please submit your name, cell phone, email, resume and course proposal in writing to

Children's Programs


The Hazlet Recreation Commission announces Gymnastics for boys and girls. 
Day: Mondays & Wednesdays
Location: Cove Road Elementary School, 8 Cove Road, Hazlet. (Directions)
16 classes: $78.00

This high energy class is designed to excite, motivate and stimulate kids who have a desire to learn gymnastic skills. Classes help build strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination. Correct body positions, form and technique will be taught. Instruction will be given to students in gymnastics including vaulting, uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise, rings and ropes. The program will stress safety and fun.

Instructors: Marsha Reardon, Kelsey Reardon, and Kristine Bellotti.

Children must be in Kindergarten.

Boys & Girls Ages 5-8  5:40 - 6:40 PM  

Girls only Ages 5-8       6:50 - 7:50 PM  

Girls only Ages 9 -15    8:00 - 9:00 PM  Class is Full


Mar 7 Apr 18    
Mar 9 Apr 20
Mar 21 Apr 25
Mar 23 Apr 27
Apr 4 May 2
Apr 6 May 4
Apr 11 May 9
Apr 13 May 11


Amato’s Karate, 589 Palmer Avenue, Hazlet
Saturdays, 8 classes
10:00am - 11:00am
$25.00 plus $30 for a uniform to be purchased at Amato’s 

Uniform must be purchased ahead of time, preferably the week before the session begins.

This class is the perfect introduction to the exciting world of Karate.  The class is dedicated to the basics; stances, blocks, kicks, drills, punches and positioning of the arms and feet.  Repetition, along with fun moves, shows the students how to succeed in whatever they try.  There's more to karate than simply the moves…speed, agility, confidence, self esteem, how to resolve conflict peacefully, promote healthy bodies and strong minds.

Instructor:  Victor Amato

Ages 4 -12

May 21 Jun 25
Jun 4 July 2
Jun 11 July 9
Jun 18 July 16


Location: Hazlet Swim Club
Day: Fridays 6 classes
Price:  $109.00
Classes taught by Cougar Tennis Academy
Please click here for more information
May 20 June 10
May 27 June 17
June 3 June 24


Adult Programs 

Location: James J. Cullen Center, 1776 Union Avenue, Hazlet
Day: Wednesdays, 10 classes
Time: 6:00pm-7:00pm
Price: $100

A Gentle Program for a Healthier Body, Greater Flexibility, and a Peaceful Mind.

Mar 16 Apr 20
Mar 23 Apr 27
Mar 30 May 4
Apr 6 May 11
Apr 13 May 18

Yoga increases strength and flexibility in the body, eases tension in the mind, and rejuvenates the soul.  Yoga works to release stress and helps with physical healing, psychological growth, and spiritual awakening.  It develops a strong awareness of the integration of the breath and body that brings balance, reduces injury, and promotes happiness.  All ages are welcome.  Join us and attain a state of permanent peace.  Instructor: Adrianne Windeknecht.


Location: James J. Cullen Center, 1776 Union Avenue, Hazlet
Day: Mondays, 10 classes
Time: 6:00pm-7:00pm
Price: $100


Mar 21 Apr 25
Mar 28 May 2
Apr 4 May 9
Apr 11 May 16
Apr 18 May 23

Pilates is a mind – body class with a special focus on breathing, strengthen back and abdominal muscles as well as toning hips, buttocks and thighs. Rings are used (supplied) for intensity and resistance options. Muscle becomes leaner, stronger and more flexible. Bring your mat and water. Class is taught by Master Trainer Adrianne Windeknecht.

Strength Training                                                                                                                    
Location: James J. Cullen Center, 1776 Union Avenue, Hazlet
Day: Thursdays
Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Price: $90.00


June 9 July 21
June 16 July 28
June 23 Aug 4
June 30 Aug 11
July 7 Aug 18
July 14 Aug 25
Strength Training                                                                                                                    
Location: James J. Cullen Center, 1776 Union Avenue, Hazlet
Day: Saturdays
Time: 8:15am - 9:15am
Price: $90.00


Apr 23 June 11
Apr 30 June 18
May 7 June 25
May 21 July 9
May 28 July 16
June 4 July 23
Join us in a strength training class to build strength, core, stability, balance and overall fitness!!! You will learn proper form and technique and burn extra calories with interval training, to maximize metabolism and fat burn! Bring weights, mat and water to class!!  Instructor: Francesca Locicero
Location: James J. Cullen Center, 1776 Union Avenue, Hazlet
Day: Wednesday
Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Price: $90.00


June 22 Aug 3
June 29 Aug 10
July 6 Aug 17
July 13 Aug 24
July 20 Aug 31
July 27 Sept 7


Body Conditioning 

Location: James J. Cullen Center, 1776 Union Avenue, Hazlet
Day:  Tuesdays & Thursdays, 2x week/14 classes
Time:  9:30am-10:30am

Price: $90.00

Apr 26 May 19
Apr 28 May 24
May 3 May 26
May 5 May 31
May 10 June 2
May 12 June 7
May 17 June 9

The class offers a fitness and strength workout using a mixture of low impact exercises.  This is a great class to get fit with some fun and easy exercises. 
Mat, water bottle, and sneakers required. Instructor: Leonora “Lee” Coppola.


Stability Ball Classes
Location: James J. Cullen Center, 1776 Union Avenue, Hazlet
Day: Thursdays, 12 classes
Time: 7:00pm-8:00pm
Price $90.00


Nov 12 Jan 14
Nov 19 Jan 21
Dec 3 Jan 28
Dec 10 Feb 4
Dec 17 Feb 11
Jan 7 Feb 25

Extremely effective at targeting and strengthening your core and other muscles to obtain balance and stability, often overlooked with machines used at the gym. In this class you will burn anywhere between 300-500 calories with small bouts of interval training to maximize metabolism and fat burn. Bring stability ball, hand weights, mat, and water to the class. Instructor: Francesca Locicero


ALL PROGRAMS: A late fee of $15.00 is applicable. Payment must be made by the last business day prior to the start of any program to avoid this fee. For your convenience we have a drop box located directly across the road from the Cullen Center. It is checked every morning. If the payment is in the box before 8:00 a.m. prior to the start of the program you will not be assessed a late fee.

 All Programs: (except preschool and summer camp)  a 50% refund will be given prior to the start of a class or program. NO REFUNDS will be given after class begins. (Medical exception: documentation from physician is required)  BUS  TRIPS:  No Refunds, as a courtesy, we will try to resell tickets for you only if a wait list is available.  Camp:  No Refunds except for summer school.  Preschool– see booklet


Continuing Programs Throughout the Year



Ballfield rentals – Lighted $60/game, unlit $40/game

Picnic area rentals per section - $60/residents, $120/non-residents