Housing Bureau

The intent and purpose of the Housing Bureau is to:

  • Provide minimum standards for Occupancy in existing buildings consistent with the adopted property maintenance code and in accordance with all enforceable ordinances and other applicable State laws.
  • Permit to the fullest extent the use of existing buildings and structures through an inspection process of code compliance with reasonable requirements for health, safety and welfare of the occupants and public.

Fee Information

  • Business License Fees 
    • Up to 12,500 square feet: $75
    • Over 12,500 square feet: $400
  • Commercial Continued Certificate of Occupancy: $125 Fee
  • Department of Public Works Recycle Container release
  • Fire Prevention Registration Fee determined by Bureau of Fire Prevention
  • Inspection Guide for Continued Certificate of Occupancy
  • Residential Continued Certificate of Occupancy: $100 Fee

Additional Resources

The State of New Jersey Department of Housing and Community Resources provides assistance in the following: