Sewer Utility

Sewer rates are established by the Hazlet Township Committee. The schedule of rates shall include the rates to be charged to residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial users and all other users of the sewer system.

Use WIPP to make payments online or to obtain your sewer account information electronically.

Quarterly Billing

  • First Quarter Bill Covers Months December, January, February.
    • Due January 2nd with a 10 Day Grace Period
  • Second Quarter Bill Covers Months March, April, May. 
    • Due April 1st with a 10 Day Grace Period
  • Third Quarter Bill Covers Months June, July, August. 
    • Due July 1st with a 10 Day Grace Period
  • Fourth Quarter Bill Covers Months September, October, November. 
    • Due October 1st with a 10 Day Grace Period

If we are closed on the 10th of any quarter you have until the next business day.