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New Litter Receptacles

Recently, 24 new attractive receptacles have been placed around town, replacing aging trash containers and open blue plastic barrels at the library, police station, Town Hall, and several parks. The new ones have a slat design that complements their natural environment. The brown waste barrels have dome tops to keep out wildlife and the green barrels have a flat top with iconography to encourage proper recycling. The openings are purposely restrictive. These new barrels are constructed with recycled plastic. 

In 2023 we added a dog waste station in Veterans Park to encourage the proper disposal of bagged dog waste. 

At Hazlet Day, we introduced a new Hazlet-themed reusable bag to commemorate the township's 175th anniversary. 

We also employ a part-time team of Clean Communities laborers to keep public land and streams clear of litter. Look for the Litter Patrol truck! 

Volunteer groups can also be found, tidying up public spaces on the weekends. They earn money for their nonprofit organizations. 

Clean Communities

Look for the Hazlet Litterbug

Hazlet Litterbug