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Great Backyard Bird Count-320The Great Backyard Bird Count

Feb 12-15, 2021

The Hazlet Environmental Commission encourages residents to join in an annual February tradition to help expand our understanding of birds. We are lucky that Hazlet's Natco Lake attracts many migrating birds to our area!

The Great Backyard Bird Count brings the world comes together for the love of birds. During these four days, people are invited to spend time in their favorite places watching and counting as many birds as they can find and then report their sightings.. These observations help scientists better understand global bird populations before one of their annual migrations.
The Great Backyard Bird Count is an inter-organizational effort between the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, National Audubon Society, and Birds Canada.


Participating is easy, fun to do alone, or with others, and can be done anywhere you find birds. Simply watch birds for 15 minutes or more, at least once over the four days, February 12-15, 2021, and report what you see!

Pick the best tool to use for sharing your birds sightings:

You can start entering bird lists at midnight local time on the first day of the count, anywhere in the world. Data entry remains open until March 1 but the information you enter should only be from the four days of the Great Backyard Bird Count.

Please visit the Birdcount.org website for more details.

The 2020 Great Backyard Bird Count broke records and attracted 268,674 participants who reported sightings of 6,942 species. Topping the list was the Northern Cardinal, Dark-Eyed Junco and Mourning Dove. Enthusiasts were excited to see the Red-bellied Woodpecker climb the charts!


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About the Environmental Commission

The Hazlet Environmental Commission is an advisory body, comprised of Township residents, appointed by the Mayor. They meet monthly. Agendas are posted in the Agenda Center. You can be alerted of meeting agendas by subscribing to the Notify Me service.


The responsibilities of the Commission are to:

  • Maintain an inventory of open space properties, publicly or privately owned, in the township
  • Maintain an inventory of natural and environmental resources in the township
  • Design, construct, and maintain trails on township properties and conduct public walks on these trails
  • Publicize Environmental Commission activities and accomplishments
  • Identify, research, and advise the Mayor and Township Committee on environmental issues that may affect the township and / or its residents
  • Review the Master Plan and make recommendations to the Land Use Board


Funding for the Environmental Commission is appropriated by the Hazlet Township Committee as part of the Township’s annual budget. In addition, the Commission may apply for grants from the state, county, and other sources to fund specific projects.


In 1968, the New Jersey State Legislature passed a law authorizing municipalities to establish a commission that would be an advisory body on environmental planning, protection and open space issues. In 1972 the State Legislature amended the law, expanding the commission’s responsibilities to other areas of environmental concern, including pollution prevention and control, solid waste management, noise control and environmental aesthetics. The Commission was established by the Township Committee in 1982.


  • 7:00 pm
  • Typically the first Monday of the month
  • Municipal Building, 1766 Union Avenue, Hazlet, NJ 07730 or via Zoom
  • The agendas is posted on the Township Calendar and in the Agenda Center. Sign up to receive them by e-delivery with the free Notify Me service.

2021 Meeting Dates

  • January 11 Reorganization*
  • February 1
  • March 1
  • April 5
  • May 3
  • June 7 
  • July 5 
  • August 2
  • September 13*
  • October 4
  • November 8
  • December 6
  • January 3, 2022 Reorganization Meeting

    * Second Monday of the Month

Board Members

Ron Dente,
Email Ron Dente

2021 - 2023
Annie EngEmail Annie Eng 2021 - 2023
Bob FriesendorfEmail Bob Friesendorf2020 -2022 

Eugene Geer

Email Eugene Geer

2019 - 2021

Ronald Isenburg

Email Ron Isenburg

2020 - 2022

Barbara Lejda
Email Barbara Lejda

2021 - 2023
Joe PobegaEmail Joe Pobega2021-2023

Kathleen Pallitto
Alternate #1

Email Kathleen Pallitto

2020 - 2022

Angela Lipel
Alternate #2
Email Angela Lipel

2020 - 2022

Hanna Walker,
Email Hanna Walker

Tara Clark, Mayor
Township Committee Representative

Email Tara Clark2021

James "Skip" Mckay, Committeeman
Township Committee Representative

Email Skip McKay2021