Chung Do Kwan

White Tigers

White Tigers Chung Do Kwan, LLC

Learn the Korean art of self-defense, it is a safe, no contact martial arts program. This martial art emphasizes control, safety, and respect. It is a martial art with training rooted in basic technique, formal exercises, and sparring. This school follows a strict no-contact philosophy with emphasis on the principles of:

  • Balance
  • Control
  • Focus
  • Power
  • Speed

Students are taught in an environment that encourages teamwork and safety. Classes are safe for all ages and levels of physical abilities.

Class Details

  • Ages
    • 13 to 17 Years old allowed with participating parents or participating non-minor siblings
    • 18 or older through seniors
  • Head Instructor: Brian Freeman
  • New Student Fee: $30
  • Returning Student Fee: $70

Positive Impacts

Studies have shown that activities like Chung Do Kwan, provide the following positive impacts:

  • Physical fitness and improve coordination
  • Self-confidence and respect for others
  • Enables people with ADHD to practice self-control
  • Improves cognitive performance and decreases the risk of dementia
  • Offers Gender Equality - Women and men are equal in the martial arts

Students of all ages practice safely together with family members and friends. Our Motto is "Families that kick together, stick together."

Uniform Information

We do recommend the following uniform and sparring head guard:

  • Sparring Head Guard: Pro Force Lightning or Similar
  • Uniform: Ronin Lightweight Student Karate Gi