Current Program Activities

Raritan Ridge Neighborhood

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2022 Program

Updated April 20, 2022

Appleton Drive

Birch Avenue

Buttonwood Place

Cedar Avenue

Cove Road

Dale Court

Elm Avenue

Fir Place

Helfrich Lane

Hemingway Drive

Hemlock Street

Hilltop Place

Ivy Place

Lake Avenue

Larson Lane

Leocadia Drive

Magnolia Avenue

Monmouth Street

Monterey Drive

Mountain Avenue

Pacific Terrace

Rochelle Drive

Roland Place

Spruce Street

Stone Road

Tara Lin Drive

South Laurel Avenue, Phase IV

Substantially complete.
Project extended; Bauer Avenue restoration was included in conjunction with this project.

Winthrop Place, Between Brookside & Lynn

Substantially complete.
Estimated value: $200,000.

Coach Drive, Wagon Road, Surrey Drive & Carriage Drive

CDBG Grant received.
Project includes 3,000 linear foot of curbing replacement, ADA curb ramp installation and various drainage improvements.
Engineer estimate: $305,842 
Status: under construction (Spring 2022)

Sidewalk improvements:

NJDOT grant for sidewalk installations on Middle Road and Union Avenue intersection (Completed.)

Lynn Boulevard Lower side streets

Status: Substantial completion

Streets include:

  • Redwood Terrace
  • Crescent Place
  • Virginia Avenue
  • Roland Place
  • Coleridge Avenue
  • Nevada Drive
  • Brookside Avenue
  • Winthrop Place (east side)

Additional streets may be added subject to available funds.

Fleetwood Drive Section

Status: project substantially completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

Streets include:

  • Colgate Court
  • Cornell Drive
  • Dartmouth Drive
  • Duke Lane
  • Georgetown Lane
  • Fleetwood Drive

Engineer estimate $2,026,700.

Liberty Place Streets

Status: substantially completed

Streets include:

  • Liberty Place
  • Oakview Drive
  • Franklin Avenue
  • Compton Avenue
  • Hillside Avenue
  • Rose Terrace
  • Thorne Place
  • Byrn Place
  • Trumen Place
  • Rapelye Place
  • Hopkins Terrace
  • Woody Terrace
  • Sidney Terrace
  • Ivadell Place

    Engineer estimate $295,000

Beers Street

Status: Completed (Spring 2022)

This project includes full width road restoration, curbing and driveway apron replacement in some areas, ADA curb ramp installations, various drainage improvements and crosswalk improvements near the school.

From Clark Street to Bethany Road

NJDOT Grant received: $270,000
Engineer estimate: $622,753.75


Road Restoration Phase 1
Estimated value $2,169,500
Amherst, Annapolis, Bucknell, Lafayette and Stanford Drive. Restoration substantially completed

Road Restoration Phase 2 Hudson Streets - NJNG
Estimated value $2,300,500

Status: Road restoration currently underway at Hudson Avenue, Carmen Street, N. Clark St., Colman St, Curren St., Bank St, Hart St. and River St. . Note, not all roads will experience full length restoration at this time.

Section E See chart

Substantially complete
Engineer estimate: $2,169,500


Substantially complete
Engineer estimate: $2,534,500

Bethany Road:

Substantially complete
Engineer estimate: $411,556.25

Lynn Boulevard

Substantially complete – expanded scope of work; asphalt restoration included from Middle road to Mountain Avenue in addition to the initial curbing and drainage work.
Estimated cost: $800,000.

Road Analysis

Status: 2021 survey completed.

All existing municipal roads have been evaluated in 2021 and their conditions rated under nationally recognized standards. This evaluation work was done by T&M Engineers. 

Funding source: Capital budget, bond.

Estimated Bond Total: $5,565,556.25
Status: Approved

Funding source: Capital budget, bond.

Estimated Bond Total: $3,000,000|
Status: Approved