Current Program Activities

Fleetwood Drive Section

  • Streets include: 
    • Colgate Court
    • Cornell Drive
    • Dartmouth Drive
    • Duke Lane
    • Georgetown Lane
    • Fleetwood Drive
  • Engineer estimate $2,026,700. Funding approved.
  • Status: design specifications under development; work anticipated in spring 2020

liberty Place SECTION

  • Streets include: 
    • Liberty Place
    • Oakview Drive
    • Franklin Avenue
    • Compton Avenue
    • Hillside Avenue
    • Rose Terrace
    • Thorne Place
    • Byrn Place
    • Trumen Place
    • Rapelye Place
    • Hopkins Terrace
    • Woody Terrace
    • Sidney Terrace
    • Ivadell Place
  • Engineer estimate $295,000
  • Status: work pending due to inclement weather - may commence in early spring 2020

Beers Street

  • From Clark Street to Bethany Road. NJDOT Grant received $270,000
  • Engineer Estimate: $622,753.75

Road Analysis

  • Status: Underway - analysis to be completed in January 2020

All existing municipal roads are currently being evaluated and their conditions rated under nationally recognized standards. This evaluation work has been awarded to T&M Engineers and Roadbotics. T&M will perform field analysis of the roadways and Roadbotics will provide a digital analysis of all roads in ten-foot intervals using newer technology with artificial intelligence. The field inspection results and digital data collected will be combined with existing data to prioritize continued road work.

Section J (revised)

  • Road Restoration Phase 1 - NJNG: $2,169,500
  • Amherst, Annapolis, Bucknell, Lafayette and Stanford Drive. Restoration substantially completed

Section E

  • Engineer Estimate: $2,169,500 
  • Substantially complete

Section B

  • Engineer Estimate: $2,534,500 
  • Substantially complete

Bethany Road:

  • Engineer Estimate: $411,556.25
  • Substantially complete

Lynn Boulevard

  • Expanded Scope of Work 
  • Estimate Cost: $800,000. Asphalt restoration now included from middle road to mountain Avenue in addition to concrete work already underway.
  • Substantially complete

Funding source: Capital bond

  • Estimated Bond Total: $5,565,556.25
  • Status: Approved

Funding source: Capital bond

  • Estimated Bond Total: $3,000,000
  • Status: Approved