Identify Your Section

All existing municipal roads in Hazlet have been evaluated and their conditions rated under nationally recognized standards. This evaluation work is done by T&M Engineers.

Section A

Street NameFromTo
Barrier DriveCoral DriveBeers Street
Beers Street537 Beers StreetClark St.
Clark StreetParkway ApproachLloyd Road
Coral DriveClark StreetBarrier Drive
Garden TerraceCoral DriveBeers Street
Line RoadBethany Road90" turn in roadway
Parkview TerraceBeers StreetCoral Drive
Phyllis StreetClark StreetDead End

Section B

Street NameFromTo
Bayview AvenuePark AvenueDead End
Bedle RoadBeers Street25 Bedle Road
Bedle RoadNJSH 35Cul-De-Sac
Chestnut DriveKnoll TerraceCul-De-Sac
Knoll TerraceHolmdel RoadPeach Drive
Knoll TerracePeach DriveChestnut Drive
Linda PlaceBeers StreetRoseMary Place
Maple DriveVan Meter TerraceNJSH 35
Park AvenueNew York AvenueBayview Avenue
Peach DriveKnoll TerraceBedle Road
RoseMary DriveBeers StreetParkview Drive
Stevens PlaceRutgers StreetCul-De-Sac
Van Mater TerraceHazlet AvenueMaple Avenue

Section C

Street NameFromTo
Beers StreetBethany Road644 Beers Street
Beers Street644 Beers StreetNJ Transit Tracks
Bethany RoadNJ Transit TracksNJSH 35
Bethany Road42 Bethany RoadNJ Transit Tracks
Bethany Road98 Bethany RoadOld Manor Road
Bethany RoadKaylen PlaceBeers Street
Coach DriveMiddle RoadCul-De-Sac
Craig StreetBethany RoadBethany Road
Kaylen PlaceBethany RoadWebster Drive
Marc StreetCraig StreetCraig Street
Surrey DriveCoach RoadCul-De-Sac
Webster DriveBethany RoadDead End

Section D

Street NameFromTo
Florence AvenueStone RoadMiddle Road
Highland AvenueStone RoadWillow Drive
Oak StreetHighland AvenueDead End
Willow StreetFlorence AvenueDead End

Section E

Street NameFromTo
Copperfield CourtTall Oaks DriveCul-De-Sac
Franciscan WayFulton PlacePoole Avenue
Fulton PlaceFieldcrest WayTall Oaks Dr.
Garrison DriveRandolph PlaceFranciscan Way
Hogarth StreetGarrison DriveCul-De-Sac
Poole Avenue779 Poole AvenueNJSH 36
Randolph PlaceFulton PlaceFranciscan Way

Section F

Street NameFromTo
Appleton DriveLynn BoulevardUnion Avenue
Birch AvenueMonmouth StreetSpruce Street
Buttonwood PlaceHemlock StreetAppleton Drive
Fir PlaceMountain AvenueSpruce Street
Hemingway DriveLynn BoulevardCove Road
Hemlock StreetNJSH 36Union Avenue
Lynn BoulevardAppleton DriveMountain Avenue
Monmouth StreetMountain AvenueHemlock Street
Mountain AvenueHemlock StreetAppleton Drive
Rochelle DriveTara Lin DriveTara Lin Drive
Spruce StreetMountain AvenueAppleton Drive
Tara Lin DriveLynn BoulevardCul-De-Sac

Section G

Street NameFromTo
Central AvenueEight StreetEleventh Street
Eighth StreetLaurel AvenueNorth Dead End
Eleventh StreetCentral AvenueTenth Street
Fifth StreetNorth Park AvenueDead End
Fourth StreetNorth Park AvenueLaurel Avenue
Ninth StreetLaurel AvenueCentral Avenue
Ninth StreetThirteenth StreetLaurel Avenue
North Park AvenueFirst StreetFifth Street
Seventh StreetLaurel AvenueSouth Dead End
Tenth StreetCounty Bridge R-13Eleventh Street
Tenth StreetEleventh StreetCentral Avenue
Thirteenth StreetNinth StreetNJSH 36 off ramp
Twelfth StreetNinth StreetHolly Avenue

Section H

Street NameFromTo
Adams PlaceHazel PlaceSouth Laurel Avenue
Annette CourtMiriam PlaceFrances Place
Frances PlaceGibson DriveLillian Drive
Franklin AvenueNJSH 36Dead End
Greenway StreetGibson DriveLillian Drive
Helfrich LaneSouth Laurel Avenue33 Helfrich Lane
Laurel AvenueLillian DriveMarsand Drive
Leocadia Court35 Leocadia CourtEnd
Liberty PlaceSydney TerraceEnd
Lillian DriveSouth Laurel AvenueEnd
Marsand DriveAzee DriveSouth Laurel Avenue
Miriam PlaceGibson DriveLillian Drive
Rapelye PlaceSouth Laurel AvenueLiberty Pl.
Region DriveLisa DriveCul-De-Sac

Section I

Street NameFromTo
California AvenueOhio DriveMiddle Road
Coleridge AvenueVirginia AvenueNevada Drive
Colorado DriveMichigan AvenueCalifornia Avenue
Creek RoadVirginia AvenueKentucky Drive
Crescent PlaceVirginia AvenueCul-De-Sac
Hilltop PlaceMonterey DriveDead End
Irwin PlaceBrookside AvenueLynn Boulevard
Irwin PlaceLynn BoulevardColeridge Avenue
Kentucky DriveMichigan AvenueCul-De-Sac
Lynn BoulevardMiddle RoadAppleton Drive
Michigan AvenueMiddle RoadVermont Drive
Nevada DriveLynn BoulevardColeridge Avenue
Ohio DriveMichigan AvenueVirginia Avenue
Oregon AvenueRaritan RoadMiddle Road
Roland PlaceMonterey DriveColeridge Avenue
Vermont DriveVirginia AvenueTerminus
Virginia AvenueLynn BoulevardEast Creek Road
Virginia AvenueMiddle RoadEast Creek Road
Winthrop PlaceBrookside AvenueMiddle Road
Wyoming DriveVirginia AvenueMichigan Avenue

Section J

Street NameFromTo
Amherst LaneMiddle RoadAnnapolis Drive
Annapolis DriveFleetwood DriveStanford Drive
Bucknell DriveFleetwood DriveAnnapolis Drive
Colgate CourtAnnapolis DriveCul-De-Sac
Lafayette DriveFleetwood DriveAnnapolis Drive

Section K

Street NameFromTo
Bromley DriveMiddle RoadCalt Drive
Calt DriveBromley Drive25 Calt Drive
Cornell DriveDartmouth Drive39 Cornell Drive
Cornell Drive39 Cornell DriveDartmouth Drive
Cornell Drive39 Cornell DriveFleetwood Drive
Croman CourtPoole RoadCroman Court
Dartmouth DriveMiddle RoadCornell Drive
Duke LaneCornell DriveFleetwood Drive
Fleetwood DriveMiddle RoadNJSH 35
Georgetown LaneCornell DriveFleetwood Drive
Kailley CourtHazlet AvenueCul-De-Sac
Kingsbridge CourtPoole RoadCul-De-Sac
Mason DriveLammers StreetPoole Avenue
Willow Brook DriveHazlet AvenueMason Street