Recycling Coach Application

The Recycle Coach app is a free, easy-to-use application that can be downloaded to your smart phone, tablet or other mobile device to obtain schedules for upcoming recycling and brush collections. Information can be obtained by visiting the  Recycle Coach website.

Recycling Coach App

How Does It Work?

Download the Recycle Coach application and enter your home address.

With this information, the application will determine in which zone your home is located, and deliver push notifications to your mobile device multiple times a week about local collections and recycling events sponsored by Monmouth County.

Other Features

In addition to providing residents with event calendars and weekly collection notifications, residents will also have access to a database of items with advice on how to best recycle. For example, by searching "battery,"or "television," Recycle Coach notifies users if the item is recyclable, and how to dispose of it safely and responsibly.