What inspections are required for construction projects?


The State of New Jersey establishes the rules and guidelines for construction related inspections. The Township is responsible for enforcing these State rules. In Hazlet Township, we do not require any “additional inspections” beyond what is referred to as the State’s “required inspections.” 

Various work types encompass a wide range of related inspections based upon the actual scope of the project and use group. There is no definitive list to offer - the answer to this question often requires a review of the construction plans to determine which “required” inspections are applicable. 

Example: a new wood deck requires construction plans where a “footing inspection” prior to the placement of concrete is typically required and then a “final inspection” is needed after all of the work is 100% complete. 

When there are no construction plans required for a project, such as a direct replacement of a residential water heater, a single inspection known as a “final Inspection” would typically be the only “required” inspection. 

Learn more about State required inspections (NJAC 5:23-2.18).


See a Matrix of common residential construction projects with permit and inspection related elements noted.