Landlord Registration

To apply for a Landlord License,  you must complete an application on the Hazlet Township section of GovOnline. New users will be prompted to create a GovONLINE account. It's quick and easy!

The online application will ask for information about the rental property, owner/landlord, corporate officer, emergency contact, managing agent/superintendent and tenant. 

Rental License Fee

Annual rental property license fees are due and payable by January 15 each year or a late fee of up to $250 per month will be assessed if not paid by the  January 25. The late fee will increase up to $1,000 per month if the fee and penalty have not been received by the Code Inspection Bureau by April 25.

Single Dwelling Unit
The fees are $250 in the first year; $125 in the second year; and $75 in the third year as long as no violations are found to exist on the property. If there are any violations, the rental property license fee will revert to the first-year amount and the cycle of decreasing fee amounts. 

Multiple Dwelling Units
For properties containing less than 10 rental units, including mobile home parks, the fees are the same per unit as single dwelling units, above. 

For properties containing more than 10 rental units, including mobile home parks, the annual rental property license fee is $10 per dwelling unit.

After obtaining the landlord license you than apply for a Rental Continued Certificate of Occupancy under the same program on the GovOnline site.