Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

Hazlet OEM

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The Hazlet Office of Emergency Managemenis responsible for preparing and managing any declared or other large scale emergency, event, or occurrence, either man-made or natural, which may occur within Hazlet Township. 

The Office of Emergency Management, by law, must have an Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) that addresses all of the possible emergencies that may occur.

The Office of Emergency Management is responsible for:

  • Alert Warnings and Communications
  • Damage Assessment
  • Emergency Medical
  • Emergency Operation Center
  • Emergency Public Information
  • Evacuation
  • Fire & Rescue
  • Hazardous Material
  • Law Enforcement
  • Public Health
  • Emergency Shelter / Reception and Care


To provide the very best system for the protection of life and property from all forms of natural and man made disasters for Hazlet Township.

To be prepared for Emergencies that Hazlet Township might encounter, and have contingency plans to be activated if such an Emergency should occur.

To foster strong partnerships with the other Hazlet Township Emergency Services, the State and Federal Government public service agencies, industry and the residents of Hazlet Township.

To maintain an Emergency Operations Center and Mobile Incident Command Post for field operations during crisis situations.

To provide Hazlet Township the support it requires to recover from all forms of disasters in a timely manner.