Reports and Resources

2022 Flat Creek Watershed Reconnaissance Report

Engineers walked the entire 1.8 miles of the Flat Creek waterway within Hazlet Township, from Bethany Road to Route 36 to document areas of stream blockage, accumulation of silt and areas of extensive stream bank erosion. The report outlines areas of concern, mitigation strategies, photos and a location map. 

Read the Flat Creek report (PDF)

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2021 Hazlet Natco Lake Biodiversity Assessment 

Hazlet Township commissioned an assessment report on Natco Lake Park, which provides pertinent information that can help guide conservation management and enhancement of the park and potential solutions for the heavy tick population along park trails. GZA GeoEnvironmental was retained by Hazlet Township to survey the site's physical landscape and bio-ecologic attributes at the 286-acre natural area. The study was performed over the course of three seasons (spring, summer and fall, 2021). The scientists performed taxa-specific surveys using professional scientific instruments and methodologies. 

The 103-page report, titled "Natco Lake Park 2021 Biodiversity Assessment" is available on the Hazlet Township website. Highlights were presented to the Hazlet Environmental Commission on February 7, 2022. The report includes detailed photos, tables and maps.

Hazlet 2030 Vision Plan

Created with community input to provide input to planning and elected officials as they consider future development, land preservation, recreation and other public amenities. It was adopted by the Hazlet Planning Board in 2010. It includes land use history, demographics and states the concerns, ideas and preferences of Hazlet’s citizens, businesspeople and township officials.

View Hazlet 2030 Vision Plan

Hazlet 2030 Vision Plan

Master Plan Reexamination Reports

Adopted by the Township of Hazlet Planning Board in 2017, the report evaluates conditions and changes since the 2008 Reexamination Report and offers recommended actions.

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Stormwater Management Plan, 2006

The plan addresses long-term operation and maintenance measures for existing and future stormwater facilities. The final component of this plan is a mitigation strategy for when a variance or exemption of the design and performance standards is sought. As part of the mitigation section of the stormwater plan, specific stormwater management measures are identified to lessen the impact of existing development.

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Stormwater Management

Bayshore Region Strategic Plan, 2006

An element of the Monmouth County Growth Management Guide of 1995, produced by the Monmouth County Planning Board with public input. It provides recommendations on growth initiatives, preservation, strategies, transportation improvement, housing issues and design guidelines. 

Bayshore Region Strategic Plan

Monmouth County Reports & Resources

Monmouth County Profile 2023

Produced annually by the Monmouth County Division of Planning, the Profile offers extensive information about demographics, households, education and income, ratable distribution, housing, non-residential construction, facilities and infrastructure and economy.  
View the 2023 report.

Monmouth County Open Space Plan 2019

Prepared by the Monmouth County Parks System. The plan establishes direction and priorities for land preservation program of the Monmouth County Parks System and serves as a vision statement to other agencies and the public. It is an element of the county's master plan and required by statute for by Open Space legislation and NJ DEP Green Acres funding.
View the report page.

Monmouth County Master Plan, 2016

A comprehensive 453-page document produced by the Monmouth County Division of Planning. 

Monmouth County Historic Sites Inventory

A comprehensive survey of the county’s architectural and historic resources covering 1879 sites and 59 Historic Districts. The Inventory website features an interactive map of historic sites with links to individual information and documentation.

2019 Monmouth County Historic Inventory Summary

Monmouth County Park System Annual Report - 2022

The annual report includes the financial statement and reviews the 2022 park accomplishments, Among them: 89 new acres acquired in 2022, View the report PDF

Census Data

Data on Hazlet Township demographics, economics, families, housing and social from the U.S. Census Bureau (2019). American Community Survey 5-year estimates. See the report. 

Retrieved from Census Reporter Profile page for Hazlet Township, Monmouth County, NJ