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Records from 1901-1998 are housed at the Monmouth County Archives in Manalapan, NJ. 

Hazlet retains ownership of the records and the Monmouth County Archives provides access to them.

The records consist of 32 volumes: 

  • 18 Minute Books, August 6, 1920 to December 29, 1970
  • 1 Ordinance Index Book, December 18, 1901 to September 18, 1909
  • 13 Ordinance Books, September 18, 1909 to December 15, 1998

Note that the records do not include ordinances from 1901 to September 18, 1909, only the index to them. There is overlap in dates between 1909 and 1920 in three ordinance books.

You may find information about Hazlet Township in local archives. Here is an evolving list. 


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Digital collections include: 
Red Bank Register newspaper

Physical collections include:

  • Courier Newspaper Bound Volumes (January 1959- April 2009)
  • Independent Newspaper Bound Volumes (January 2002- August 2005, January 2006-December 2014)
  • Microfilm
  • Microform
  • Middletown History Books
  • New Jersey History Books
  • Vertical Files


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  • Matawan Journal (1869-1973)
  • Matawan Journal Index (Index of births, deaths & marriages)
  • The Independent (1954-2000)
  • The Star-Ledger (1989-current)
  • Newspapers at the NJ State Library
  • The NJ Historical Portal
  • Kean University New Jersey History Project
  • Strathmore Observer (1963-1967)


  • Historical Monmouth County Maps
  • Historical Maps of New Jersey


  • Monmouth County Municipal Archives for Hazlet (1908-1998)
  • Civil War Muster Lists, 1861-1865
  • Certificates of Incorporation, 1833-1995
  • Coroner Inquests, 1786-1915
  • Exempt Firemen, 1871-2018
  • Marriage Returns, 1684-1892
  • Name Changes, 1881-1996
  • Naturalizations, 1804-1906
  • Naturalizations, 1907-1991
  • Naturalization Transfers, 1957-1983
  • Naturalizations Women’s Applications for Oaths, 1941-1966
  • Naturalizations WWI Military Petitions, 1918-1919
  • Overseers of the Poor, 1754-1911
  • Explore more on the County Clerk website



The Monmouth County Historic Sites Inventory is now available online. It is a comprehensive survey of the county’s architectural and historic resources covering 1879 sites and 59 Historic Districts. The inventory goes beyond the State and National Registers of Historic Places by identifying additional, locally important resources.  

Originally prepared in the mid-1980s, the inventory includes an overview of the County’s development and settlement patterns and discusses common building techniques and styles. The Inventory website features an interactive map of historic sites produced in 2020 with links to individual information and documentation. The updated 2019 Summary Report and featured historic sites.  The Inventory is currently undergoing an update and the web featured sites change periodically. History buffs are encouraged to check the site regularly.

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