Quality of Life Ordinances

Be a Good Neighbor

To keep Hazlet Township a great place to live, the township has established some quality of life ordinances to protect the health, comfort and happiness of residents. These ordinances are enforceable and violators may face fines. Here are a few of our local rules. 
View the township's complete code here.

Leaves-100Chapter 145: Brush, Grass and Weeds

For health and fire safety, keep your property free of brush, weeds, dead and dying trees, stumps, roots, filth, garbage, trash and debris.

Dead brush and or bagged leaves may not be left at the curb for longer than a week. Leaves must be contained in paper (not plastic) bags.

Commercial landscapers are responsible for disposing brush and tree cuttings on their own. It cannot be put out for curbside collection or brought to the township recycling yard. 


Chapter 133: Dogs

Owners must register dogs annually and show proof of rabies inoculation. Dogs must wear their registration tags at all times and be leashed when off-property
Excessive barking that annoys neighbors is not acceptable.
Owners must pick up dog feces and dispose of them properly.
No more than four dogs per house is allowed.

Chapter 181: Yard and Garage Sales

Limited to no more than three days, and no more than four times in a year. 


Chapter 181: Recreational Vehicle Storage

Trailers, boats or boat trailers that are 21 feet or more in length must be parked inside a building.
Under 21 feet: they can be stored in side or rear yards, but never in the front yard. They should be screened from view.
Residents cannot use these vehicles for living, sleeping, housekeeping or recreational purposes when parked.

Chapter 255: Littering

Don't do it! Use public receptacles. It's a violation to toss litter from a vehicle, to throw litter in the water or to allow it to blow off truck. Garage sales, political advertisements, real estate signs and similar may not be attached to public utility poles. 


Chapter 288: Noise

Noisy landscaping equipment such as leaf blowers and lawn trimmers operation must be silenced between 8 pm and 8 am.
Loud music or other amplified noise must be lowered so that your neighbor cannot hear it between 10 pm and 8 am. 

Chapter 181: Snow and Ice clearing

Snow and ice must be cleared from sidewalks with the 12 hours of daylight following the storm. It is unlawful to snow-blow or push snow and ice into the street.