Honor Hazlet Heroes

Honor Hazlet Heroes 2023Military Banner Display

From Memorial Day to Veterans Day, Hazlet's largest park, Veterans Park, is spectacularly decorated with over 100 patriotic banners honoring township men and women who are actively serving in the military, who have served honorably and who have given their lives in service. 

The colorful "Honor Hazlet Heroes" banners state the names of the individual and years they served in the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines (WWII) or Women Air Force Service Pilots (WWII). They are all members of the Hazlet family, past and present, and we are proud to salute them. Our display has received statewide recognition. On November 11, 2021, Hazlet Township was awarded the Governor's "We Value Our Veterans" award for efforts to honor veterans. When they are on display you can see them every day, on foot or by car.  Veterans Park is located at 1776 Union Avenue. It is accessible from Union Avenue and also Middle Road, via Green Acres Drive.

The Honor Hazlet Heroes program is run by the Hazlet VFW Post 4303. It was  launched in 2021 by former Navy Seal Skip McKay, Hazlet Township Committeeman. The Hazlet Township Public Information Office assists by collecting the applications  and photos for the VFW. 

The Hazlet VFW Post 4303 is now accepting applications for new banners through April 30, 2023. Instructions are included on the application. 

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Location: At the Monument Circle (on the Side of James J. Cullen Center)

Hazlet citizens who perished in the service of our country.

Donald Christie - Staff Sergeant, US Army. Died 6/13/1969. Vietnam War. Purple Heart recipient.

Glen Bates - Lance Corporal, US Marines. Died 11/2/1967. Vietnam War. Purple Heart recipient.

Edward Fanning - PFC, US Army. Died 6/15/1969. Vietnam War. Purple Heart recipient. 

Thomas Bailey Aumack - 87th New York Infantry, Died 10/13/1862. US Civil War

Gilman McKay - Lance Corporal, US Marines. Died 11/2/1966. Vietnam War. Purple Heart recipient

Tom Kiley - US Navy. Died 6/3/1972. Vietnam War.

Dennis Cama - Specialist Four, US Army. Died 4/19/1969. Vietnam War. Purple Heart recipient.

Michael F. McGreevy - Capt., US Marines. Died 3/16/1989.