Honor Hazlet Heroes

Honor Hazlet Heroes Military Banner Display, Veterans Park, Hazlet, NJ

Hazlet's Patriotic Display - 2022

Veterans Park is spectacularly decorated with patriotic banners honoring our township men and women who are actively serving in the military, who have served honorably and who have given their lives in service. 

The colorful "Honor Hazlet Heroes" display runs from Memorial Day in May to Veterans Day in November. Each banner lists the names of the individual and years they served in the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines (WWII) or Women Air Force Service Pilots (WWII). They are all members of the Hazlet family, past and present, and we are proud to salute them. 

On November 11, 2021, Hazlet Township was awarded the Governor's "We Value Our Veterans" award for efforts to honor veterans.

Currently, the banners have been removed for the season. But when they are on display you can see them every day, on foot or by car.  Veterans Park is located at 1776 Union Avenue. It is accessible from Union Avenue and also Middle Road, via Green Acres Drive.

We thank Provident Bank, Hazlet PBA 189 and the Hazlet VFW 4303 for supporting the Honor Hazlet Heroes display, and we are grateful to Hazlet Dept. of Public Works for the installation and care of the banners. Honor Hazlet Heroes was  launched in 2021 by former Navy Seal Skip McKay, Hazlet Township Committeeman. For questions about the program, please contact the Office of Public Information


Location: At the Monument Circle (on the Side of James J. Cullen Center)

Hazlet’s “All In, For All Time” list. Hazlet citizens who perished in the service of our country.

Donald Christie - Staff Sergeant, US Army. Died 6/13/1969. Vietnam War. Purple Heart recipient.

Glen Bates - Lance Corporal, US Marines. Died 11/2/1967. Vietnam War. Purple Heart recipient.

Edward Fanning - PFC, US Army. Died 6/15/1969. Vietnam War. Purple Heart recipient. 

Thomas Bailey Aumack - 87th New York Infantry, Died 10/13/1862. US Civil War

Gilman McKay - Lance Corporal, US Marines. Died 11/2/1966. Vietnam War. Purple Heart recipient

Tom Kiley - US Navy. Died 6/3/1972. Vietnam War.

Dennis Cama - Specialist Four, US Army. Died 4/19/1969. Vietnam War. Purple Heart recipient.

Michael F. McGreevy - Capt., US Marines. Died 3/16/1989. 

Location: Town Hall/Cullen Center Parking Lots

Michael Bossert - US Air Force. Joined 2022 

Devin Roman - US Air Force. Joined 2019

Joseph Wittmer - US Army. Joined 2009

Luke Pesci - US Marines. Joined 2016

Michael C. Chiappone - PFC, US Army. Joined 2021.

Michael A. Natoli Jr. - Specialist, US Army. Joined 2019.

Corey J. Saxe - Staff Sgt, US Army. Joined 2007.

Michael Manfredi - Senior Master Sgt, Air Force

Rashaun M. Jett - US Marines, Iraq 2009-2011 / 1996-2001 

Michael J. Malley - Petty Officer, US Navy. Joined 2019.

Sam Giove, US Navy. Joined 2022

Gabriel Roman, US Air Force. Joined 2022

Shane Collyer - US Navy

James Susino - US Navy (2014 to present)

Kevin W. Schneider - US Navy. Joined 2006.

Edward Pullis -US Navy. Joined 2017.

Kevin Whalen - US Marines

Michael Christopher - US Air Force

Robert Mulligan - US Air Force. 1966-1970 Vietnam

Christine MJ Henry - US Marines, actively serving

Location: Swim Club Entrance & Fence Area

Nicholas Polischuk - US Navy, WWII Korean War

James McKay Jr. - US Navy, WWII

Vincent Raine - US Navy, Korean War

Peter Volpe - US Army, WWII (Japan)

Hank Kiley - US Army 1942-1945

Frank Kiley - US Army 1963-1966

Francis T. Brock Jr. - US Marines, 2012-2016

Valentinas Raugas - US Marines. 1959-1975

Andrew Soto, US Army, 2004-2014

Alan David Reed, US Navy, 1972-1976

Ronald Belotti - US Army, 1965-1967

Harold John Werner - US Army, 1975-1977

Rudy Tumminelli, US Coast Guard, WWII

Frank Daniels, US Army, WWII

Donald L. Bennett, Sr, - US Army, Vietnam War

Sean Donnelly, US Navy (Currently serving)

Ole Kvalheim, US Navy, 1968-1972 Vietnam War

John Mioduszewski, US Army 1960-1963

Charles F Chuva, WWII and Korean War

Jose G. Marchena, US Marine Corps, 1983-1990

Fred W. Turner, 1942 - 1945

Robert Bergstrom, US Army 1965-1967

Philip A. Traina, US Army, WWII

Matthew Roman, US Army 2018-2021

Dennis W Gilgannon, US Army 1968-1970 Vietnam War

Matthew Purdy, US Marines 1986-1990

Thomas A. Gargan - US Army, Vietnam War

Vincent Murphy - US Air Force. Served 1967-1971.

Logan Mirkov - US Army, 2015-2021

Richard Anderson, US Coast Guard, 1972-1974

William J. Kenny, US Army 1962-1965

Alan David Reed, US Navy, 1972-1976 

Sean Moley, US Coast Guard

Angelo Staikos, US Army, Korean War

Rob Morison, US Navy, 1994-1997

William A. "Buddy" Bachmann, US Army, 1946-1947

Thomas James Reeves, US Air Force, Vietnam, 1967-1971

John Ahlers, US Army 1984-2014

Kenneth Angrason, US Air Force, Vietnam

Martin J. Marino, US Army Combat Medic European Tour, WWII 

James Cavuto, US Army, Vietnam

Location: Swim Club Parking Lot

Ryan J. Parks - US Air Force, actively serving

James Arthur Manieri - US Navy, actively serving

Theodore J. Dec - US Army, 1966-1968, Vietnam First Calvary Division

William Bechtoldt - US Navy, Vietnam War.

Richard Wagner - US Army, Korean War

William T. Eschner - US Army, Korean War

Richard F. Barney - US Air Force, 1955-1959

William Dennehy - US Army, 1965-1967

Paul A. Dello Stritto - US Army, 1966-1968

Paul N. May - US Coast Guard, Korean War

Joseph Jerome Keegan - US Navy, 1942-1946

Frank W. Ogonowski Jr. - US Navy, 1970-1974

Margaret D. O’Connor - US Navy, 1945-1946, WWII

Victor Cedeno - US Army, 1966-1968, Vietnam

Nicholas Faro - US Marines, 2012-2016

Vincent J. Hermanns - US Marines, Vietnam War

Kevin M. Lavan - US Army 1962-1964

Vincent Solomeno - US Army & National Guard, 2006 to present

Gia Marie Mazza - US Army National Guard. Joined 2012

Frank Mazza - US Marines, 1999-2003

Sherel (Ryan) Beslanovitz - US Marines, 1997-2017

James Beslanovitz - US Marines, 1992-1998

William Roy Torres - US Marines, 1976-1980

Thomas Stansfield Jr. - US Army 1947-1951

Dominick L. Amodeo - US Air Force

Dominick Carinha - US Army, 1954-1956

George Christopher, US Navy, 1943-1946, WWII

Donald Hutson - US Navy, Vietnam War

Location: Green Acres Drive 
(from Tennis Courts to Middle Road)

Thomas Carhart – Pvt, US Army. Wounded in Battle of Monmouth, also in the capture of HMS Brig Brittania. Purple Heart recipient.

William Henry Aumack - 1st Regiment Monmouth County Militia, Revolutionary War

Sabino “Sam” Beatrice - US Army, 1951-1953, Korean War

Sean P. Lane, US Army, 1991-1994

Albert J. Sacco - US Army, Vietnam War

Alessandro Mautone, US Marines, 1975-1980

Angelo Donatiello, US Army, 1953-1955

Anthony E. Recco, US Army, 1968-1970

Garret Aumack-3rd NJ Detailed Militia, War of 1812

Leonard Aumack 3rd NJ Detailed Militia, War of 1812

Location: Green Acres Drive 
(from Tennis Courts to Town Hall) 

Bobby Bailey, US Air Force, 1966-1968

David C. Thibaut, US Army, 1985-1988

Steven Spinelli - US Marine Corps 1980-1984

Steven Spinelli Jr. - US Marine Corps, 2014-2021

David Opatosky, US Air Force, Vietnam

John T. Devane - US Navy, 1953-1957

Anthony Citro - US Army, Korean War

William T Gilgannon, US Navy 1942-1945 /  USNR 1952-1954

Jonathan Leszewski - US Air Force, 2007-2011

William Dolly, US Marines. 1970-1972

Justin T. Dalhamer - US Marines, 2005-2009

Jonathan Schultes - US Marines, 2004-2010

Matthew J. Facendo - US Army. 1955-1956, Reserves

Joseph J. Bialkowski - US Army, 1944-1945 WWII

Shawn Louis Werthwein - US Army, 2010-2017, Afghanistan 

James Krause Jr. - US Marines, 2000-2004, Purple Heart recipient.

Liam P. Powers - US Marines. 1988-1990

Collin M. Powers - US Army. Joined 2018.

Thomas M. Hackett - US Marines, Vietnam War, Purple Heart recipient.

John H. Conti - US Army 1958-1961

Robert Robinson - US Navy, 1968-1973

Robert W. Gaughran Sr. - US Army, Vietnam War

Joseph J. Szutyanyi -  US Air Force, 1982-1986

Joseph J. Szutyanyi Jr. - US Air Force, 2021 - present

Howard Benedict - Air Force, Vietnam War

Robert Boudakian - US Army, 1958-1961

Russell P. Surdi Jr. - US Marines, 2009-2015, Purple Heart recipient.

Louis Joseph Dispenza - US Marines, 1948-1954, Korean War

James McKay III - US Navy, Navy SEAL

Terra Flynn - US Navy, Navy SEAL

For More Information

For questions about the Honor Hazlet Heroes program, please contact project organizer Township Committeeman James "Skip" McKay, former Navy Seal, by using this form