Snow and Ice Removal

Snow Emergencies

Hazlet DPW keeps streets clear in snowstorms.Parking
The Department of Public Works plows streets to maintain clear access for emergency vehicles and to create safe passage for travelers. Please remove vehicles from the streets to make this easier and faster. 

Parking on township streets is prohibited by Township Ordinance 305-8 during snowstorms until the snowfall ends and streets have been plowed. Keeping the streets clear of vehicles and other objects helps the snowplows access roads and clean them easier. If you cannot fit your vehicles in your driveway, residents are invited to park in the lot of the Hazlet Swim Club parking lot on Green Acres Drive to keep the streets clear. If a vehicle poses a problem for plow operators it may be issued a summons and possibly towed. 

Sidewalks must be cleared of snow within 12 hours of daylight. Please keep this in mind for students who walk to school and your neighbors who commute via mass transit and walk to the bus stops or train station. If the Dept. of Public Works is called upon to clear sidewalks for a homeowner or landlord, the township has a right to charge for the service. View Township Ordinance 372

Casting of Snow and Ice
Please note that it is prohibited to place or deposit snow or ice into township streets from private property. 

Handicapped Parking Spaces
Access to handicapped parking spaces must not be blocked by plowing, piling or placement of snow and ice in such spaces. 

Violations may result in fines. 

Parking is available in Swim Club Parking Lot during snowstorms.

Residents may park vehicles at the township Swim Club lot during snowstorms to help keep roads clear.