Service Provider
Hazlet Township is serviced by NJ American Water. NJAW acquired Shorelands Water Company in 2017. 

Emergency Reporting
Report a water outage, leak, or other water emergency online at emergency.amwater.com or through the company’s online customer portal, MyWater.

Where the water comes from

New Jersey American Water Shorelands System (PWSID # NJ1339001) is a public community water system consisting of 7 wells, 1 surface water purchased water from New Jersey American Water Coastal North System.

Source water comes from the following aquifers and/or surface water bodies: Old Bridge aquifer & Farrington aquifer .

The NJ American Water Coastal North System interconnected treated surface water comes from Swimming River Treatment plant and the source is Swimming River reservoir .

Water Quality
Information about research, testing methods and facilities, as well as read the current water quality report for Hazlet Township (Shorelands System.)

View a 2020 Presentation for Shorelands System (PDF).