Help keep Hazlet Township clean!  A variety of volunteer opportunities are available whether you’re a student seeking service hours, a resident, or a business, civic association, school or non-profit organization. 

Mini Grants 
Available to Hazlet school groups or non-profits in return for cleaning up designated public areas. Groups are eligible to receive up to $500 for a scheduled three-hour session. 
Apply for a Clean Communities mini grant.

Groups lead their own Cleanup event with the support of Hazlet DPW. The leader will be expected to apply to Hazlet Clean Communities for mini-grant pre-approval. DPW will be present at the cleanup to distribute equipment, supplies and take away the trash. The group leader will collect waiver forms from every participant and document the collection of trash and recyclables in a Summary Report and photo. 

Special Cleanup Event
Civic groups, volunteer organizations, churches and Scout troops, as well as residents and businesses, are encouraged to participate in a joint effort to clean up our streets, cemeteries and public properties. We can provide supplies and support. Please fill out the interest form.

The safety of our volunteers is important. Please review safety protocols before conducting any cleanup programs and encourage volunteers to watch the NJCCC safety video

Helpful Documents

Natco Park Cleanup 11/18/22

Inmates in orange jumpsuits bag garbage at Natco Park on Nov. 18, 2022.

On Nov. 18, 2022, the Monmouth County Sheriff's Office Inmate Labor Program collected 23 bags of trash from Hazlet's Natco Park, bagging up bottle caps, plastic bags, takeout containers, beverage bottles and even an abandoned grill. Our DPW workers hauled it away, leaving this treasured natural space pristine. 
Not only did they clean all the trails, but also the shore of Natco Lake, allowing Hazlet to be included in the 2022 International Coastal Cleanup movement. 

STARS Clean up Leocadia Park, 10/23/22

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Thank you to the nonprofit Special Teens and Adults Recreation Supports (STARS) for holding a litter cleanup of Leocadia Court Park on October 23. More than 40 participated and left the park a better place. The event was organized through Hazlet Clean Communities

Clean-up at Raritan High School 8-20-2022

Cleanup at RHS 082022

Thank you to the Raritan High School students who volunteer for cleanups under the nonprofit Rocket Boosters organization! We have had cleanups by the Girls Tennis Team and Swim Team.