How do I pay a Ticket? 
The Hazlet Municipal Court will take payments at the Violations Bureau Window from 8:30 a.m. -  3:00 p.m. We will be able to assist you faster if you have your payment information with you. We are located at 255 Middle Road, next to Hazlet Police Headquarters. Acceptable forms of payments are cash, check, money order and credit cards. 

You may make a payment online at To make a payment online you will need the court code, which is 1339, ticket number and your license plate number. 

You can also make payments via the mail and the 24-hour drop box. Please include the summons or complaint number on the check or money order. Remember to sign the check or money order. Do not send cash.



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1. How do I pay a Ticket? 
2. Who do I make the check or money order payable to?
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