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Clean Communities

  1. Clean Communities Mini-Grant Application

    Nonprofit groups can earn money for picking up litter in Hazlet.

  1. Email Clean Communities

Event Sign Up Forms

  1. Town-Wide Garage Sale October 14, 2023 - Sign Up Here

    Sign-up form for the Hazlet Town-Wide Garage Sale on October 14, 2023

Hazlet Pops

  1. Sign Up Form for Hazlet Pops

    The Hazlet Pops community band performs free outdoor concerts at Veterans Park in the summertime.

Public Works

  1. Fix It Form

    Submit information to the Hazlet Public Works Dept.

Senior Center

  1. Senior Center Inquiry Form

    Use this form to ask for information from the Hazlet Senior Center at the James J. Cullen Center.

  1. Suggestion Box

    Please share your ideas for programs, speakers, education, entertainment, resources and more! Your input is valued. Please feel free to... More…

Township Committee

  1. Email the Hazlet Township Committee

    You can email all elected members of the governing body, or email individual members.

Volunteer Form

  1. Citizen Leadership Form

    Thank you for your interest in applying for a municipal authority, board or commission. See descriptions in the Government section.