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Garage Sale List

  1. Town-Wide Garage Sale Saturday, Oct. 17

    Submit your address by using this form by Oct. 14 and we will help promote your garage sale and add your address to a map. There is no... More…

Hazlet Swim & Tennis Center

  1. Hazlet Swim & Tennis Club Club Experience Survey

    Dear Members, We are interested in your feedback on this most unusual 2020 season. Though we were nearly sunk when the pandemic hit... More…

How to Volunteer

  1. Volunteer Boards & Commissions Application

    Hazlet welcomes new faces, voices and energy on its volunteer boards. Please step forward and fill out this form.

Public Works

  1. Fix It Form

    Submit information to the Hazlet Public Works Dept.

Township Committee

  1. Contact Hazlet Township

    Feel free to send general questions here to the public information officer.

  1. Email the Hazlet Township Committee

    You can email all five elected members of the governing body, or email individual members.