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Hazlet Swim & Tennis Center 2020 Application

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  2. 1. To Pay By Check

    Fill out this online form. The print it out, sign it and attach your check. Place completed application in the drop box at Town Hall (next to the flagpoles) or mail to the Hazlet Recreation Dept., 1766 Union Ave., Hazlet, NJ 07730.

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  4. Are you returning from 2019?

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    Make check payable to 'HSTC' or Hazlet Swim & Tennis Club

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  12. Over Family Limit of Six: $100 each

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  14. The information provided is true and to the best of my knowledge. I understand that each individual using the facilities will do so at his or her own risk, and by signing this document I agree to release the Township from any and all liability with respect to any injury or accident, which may occur at the facilities to myself and all registrations above. It is also understood that the supervision of minors is the responsibility of their parent or guardian, and the Township shall not be responsible for any bodily injury or harm which takes place at the facility. Only US Coast approved floatation devices are permitted in the pool unless approved by HSTC manager. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the HSTC available at the club office and Recreation Department, and will inform those listed above and guests. No alcohol permitted within the club facilities. Daily admittance and pass issuance for guest of plan holders, special events, heat waves and/or other potential facility uses are subject to maximum occupancy limitation at the discretion of the Director of Recreation in conjunction with the Certified Pool Operator and onsite managers. Special events and other daily admittance will be offered time to time and announced in advance, whenever possible where attendees will be subject to registration, applicable rules, regulations and any imposed limitation. Refunds are available only up to July 4th at the discretion of the Hazlet Township Committee and may be subject to a 15 percent administrative charge. Drop off registration at township dropbox on side of Town Hall, by the flagpoles, or send in registration by mail to Hazlet Recreation, 1766 Union Avenue, Hazlet NJ 07730. Swim club rules available on the township website or the Recreation office.

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    To sign the form acknowledging above, you must "submit and print" the form using the button at the end of this form. After printing it out, don't forget to sign the form.!

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