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Hazlet Swim & Tennis Club Club Experience Survey

  1. Survey

  2. Member Information

  3. How would you rate your overall experience at the Hazlet Swim Club?

    On this scale, 1 star represents the lowest rating and 5 stars represents the highest rating.

  4. Will your family join the Swim Club next year?

  5. Would you recommend the Hazlet Swim Club to your family and friends?

  6. How would you rate the lifeguards?

  7. How would you rate the cleanliness of the club?

  8. How would you rate the management of the club?

  9. Was the staff cordial, friendly and helpful?

  10. Did you and your family feel safe at the club? Was your temperature taken at the entrance? Was separation maintained between members and campers in the club and pools?

  11. This is the first year we started using mass communication by phone, text and email for weather-related club closures. Did you receive the occasional notifications?

  12. The members are the heart of this self-sustaining club. Would you like to volunteer a few hours to keep it at its best?

  13. Thank you for participating in the 2020 survey! Please 'submit' the form. We look forward to learning how to improve!

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