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Submit a Name to Honor Hazlet Heroes

  1. Honor Hazlet Heroes (2)
  2. The Township of Hazlet, in partnership with Hazlet PBA 189 and VFW Post 4303, is proud to continue a special outdoor banner display called "Honor Hazlet Heroes." Banners honoring our Hazlet heroes will be displayed in Veterans Park from Memorial Day through Veterans Day, 2022.

  3. Eligibility

    An individual is eligible to participate if they have served in the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines (WWII) and Women Air Force Service Pilots (WWII). The individuals must also have lived in Hazlet at any time, past or present. Veterans must be honorably discharged. Additional documentation may be required.

  4. How to apply

    Please complete the online application with photo and press the submit button. (You do not have to print it out to send, we will receive a copy of your application when you press Submit.)

    Please mail a check for $100 with honoree's name on the memo line.

    The deadline to submit a name is April 30, 2022.

    For Active Military, make check payable to Hazlet PBA #189.

    Mail to:

    Honor Hazlet Heroes

    c/o Hazlet PBA 189

    PO Box 187

    Hazlet, NJ 07730

    For Veterans and Died in Service, make check payable to VFW Post 4303 

    Mail to:

    Honor Hazlet Heroes

    c/o VFW Post 4303

    18 Davern Ave.

    Hazlet, NJ 07730

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  10. I approve and authorize the use of my name and image or my family member’s name and image on an Honor Hazlet Heroes banner to be displayed in Hazlet. I confirm that I, or my family member, meet the eligibility requirements.
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